譽豐是韓國 SK Lubricants 的香港和澳門指定分銷商。韓國 SK LubricantsSK Innovation 的全資付屬公司,SK 是世界有名的潤滑油相關產品的生產商。SK 總部現設於南韓首爾,其基礎油、潤滑油和相關產品銷售到全球 50個國家。

SK Lubricants 提供最先進的潤滑油產品給顧客以促進潤滑油行業的技術和發展,我們是世界第一個於1995年將API Group III (第三類) 基礎油商業化的公司 , 同年 SK 品牌的潤滑油在韓國本土市場推出。現在我們已將SK 銷售網絡擴展到全球大部分地區,我們的客戶可以輕易地得到我們的高質潤滑油產品。

ZICSK Lubricants 重點推廣的潤滑油品牌。SK 的全球銷售網絡協助各地區代理提供最好的產品給顧客,與顧客建立互相信賴的伙伴關係。



Wealth Dynamic Limited Company Introduction

Wealth Dynamic Limited ( WDL ) is a Hong Kong based company for distribution of auto related products including spare parts and with focus on lubricant, industrial fluids and greases.  With the expertise and experience in product line-up and market exploration, the client coverage is widely spread to parts shops, auto service centres and sophisticated repair garages.  WDL aims at providing full range product line-up for the customers.  WDL target is to explore the market into global countries.  Their connection with Asia countries offer a good potential for the market expansion in the area.

WDL is the currently the appointed distributor of SK Lubricants in Hong Kong and Macau region.  SK lubricants, a fully owned subsidiary of SK Innovation, is the leading producer, distributor and marketer of premium base oil, lubricating oils across the globe. The company headquartered in Seoul of South Korea, exports products to over 50 countries.

SK Lubricants has led and changed the lubricants industry by pursuing innovations to offer better products to our customers. We were the first to commercialize API Group III base stock in the world in 1995. That same year, SK’s brand name finished lubricants were launched in the South Korea domestic market. Since then, we have expanded our distribution networks to supply high quality base oils and lubricants to our global customers.

SK Lubricants is expanding its ZIC brand and network globally, while simultaneously strengthening its brand power. It is our goal to provide the best quality products, and build trust with our valued customers.

WDL will share our aim, potential and expertise with our partners to expand the business.


Why are we the best ?

ZIC is nominated as no.1 engine oil for 17 consecutive years in Korea. Its proven quality and performance has convinced big brands like GM, Hyundai, Renault to use SK ZIC lubricants as their first filled engine oil.








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